Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another boring day in paradise. We went to Playa PortoMari again, but this time I rented a snorkel set and got to see a lot of cool fish. PortoMari is also a dive site. The water is about 3 meters deep at the end of the swimming area, then just drops off into oblivion. I was paddling around in the "shallow" part looking around and saw some divers and freaked out a bit thinking I'd gone too far from shore, but I hadn't.

This little guy was haning out on the rock wall behind the sun bathing area.

Then we went back to Jaanchi's for Dinner, but this time I had the shrimp and the grouper. And this time I got pictures. This is Jaanchi.

And this is my dinner.

There are a lot of churches here, all brightly painted, even the cemetaries were painted.


John said...

Ah...Antilles. I see. My what a gorgeous place for an adventure. I'm sure you're having fun.

AM Kingsfield said...

Great new profile picture too!

Variant E said...

Yeah, if you are swimming out and running into divers...bad sign. Oh, and don't watch "Open Water" on the TV during this trip either. I'm jealous; but I'll be doing the same in Africa after my safari so I can't complain.

iamnot said...

Lovely! I haven't been to the Caribbean in a very long time.
Everyone should vacation with iguanas now and again.