Sunday, June 24, 2007

Polly and Molly just left for the pool, Wally had already taken Ollie so I finally have some computer time to myself. I'm sitting in our rented beach cottage in the south Myrtle Beach area. We got here yesterday, Dan and the girls got here about an hour ahead of me, I had to go to Camp David to pick up Kevin from camp.

It's really Camp Greentop which is about a half mile down the road from Camp David up in the Maryland Mountains. Camp Greentop is a camp run by The League for People with Disabilities. Kevin has been going for about 6 years now and loves it. When you first drive into the parking area you are met by a staff member whom you tell what camper you have. Then you drive around to the next "station" where a large group of staff wave and cheer at the arrival of your child. My eyes always well up when I see them standing there, then manage to steady my voice before I have to speak to the next person, it takes about 10 seconds for this drive. It gets me every year. The staff all seem to love having the campers there, very enthusiastic and caring.

Kevin had a great time, so the staff told me when I picked him up yesterday, ate well, particiapated in activities, and had fun. Then we hit the road for the drive to South Carolina. I tried to get him to tell me his needs on the drive, but he never says anything about his needs on his own, just answers "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?" questions.

We left CuraƧao Thursday and picked Fern up from her camp on Friday. Wow, we've done a lot of driving. Now we get to relax in one place for a while. Except for the drives to mini golf, the batting cage, the movies, Charelston, golf, and where ever else the kids want to go.


John said...

Some of the best memories I have were at summer camp. Ann & Julie contributed to those great memories. I hope your kids had as great a time as I did.

MarkEC said...

How many rounds of golf will you get in while you are there? I saw the course you played in Curacao, I think I would have lost a ton of golf balls on that one!

Anne said...

John, I loved camp, too, greaat times!

Mark, I'd like to get in one full round but my husband and I wouldn't get to play together because of the kids. I'm also hoping I can get a lesson where I went to golf school in January.

AM Kingsfield said...

So much fun requires a lot of travel hassles. I hope the vacations highlights overwhelmed the traveling.