Thursday, May 24, 2007

This evening I sat in the car, window down, waiting for practice to be over, listening to the game on the neighboring field. Twa-ing. The unmistakable sound of a base hit, an aluminum bat against a softball. That's all right ladies, two outs now, any base, any base... I'm a softball mom now. Fern joined the girls' '92-'95 spring Boys and Girls Club league. This is her first time playing a team sport outside gym class, and I'm so thrilled she's having a good time. She's playing catcher so she's throwing the ball a lot, more than the pitchers because they are rotated every couple of innings. And my baby's arm is sore.

It's my first time being a team sport mom. I don't yet know the chatter a parent yells from the bleachers, the nuances of "little league." When do I suggest to the coach my daughter needs to rest an inning? Or do I? So much to learn.

Here she is behind home plate:


just me said...

I'm glad to hear that Fern is having a positive experience so far. I hope you get a chance to enjoy it.

As for me, the odds are good that I'll never be a "softball mom," or any other team sport for that matter. Just being a "softball wife" on Tues nights is plenty!

AM Kingsfield said...

In your case, Just Me, softball wife has been exciting enough!

Look at Fern, the cutie! I'm glad you are all trying something new.

I don't chatter too much. I can never tell if "hey batterbatterbatter" is a nice thing or meant to be a distraction. I'll call out "Nice hit!" or "Nice catch" and clapp a lot. I am NOT a sidelines coach though.

John said...

I agree with AM. Mostly all I say is "Good job" and clap which I will do for both teams since they're all six years old or so.