Sunday, May 20, 2007

I have been tagged. My first ever. Karin in Germany wants seven things about me. I think when she comments on my blog she writes in German and uses a translator to post in English. So her tag is worded strangely and I'm not sure exactly what seven things she wants. But here are seven things:

  1. I'm in the planning process of getting my kitchen re-done. There are too many decisions to make. The species of wood for the cabinets, Lowes or Home Depot, Silestone or Zodiaq.

  2. I'm in a rut with my quilting. So much fabric, so little inspiration.

  3. I think my butt is too big.

  4. I wish my daughter would do things the first time I asked.

  5. I'd rather be golfing.

  6. I'm worried about getting "my" girls bridged. I'm the bridging coordinator for my daughter's Junior Girl Scout troop, and I'm not sure all the girls will get all the requirements done they need to do to become Teen Scouts.

  7. I suffer from reality TV withdrawl after season finales are over.

OK, there you have it, seven random, totally useless things about me. Prepared to be tagged.


Karin said...

Hi Anne,
love thank, this time I have tried it sometimes myself. Oh my English is badly a Spanish I am able to better. But I look always with pleasure with you purely. Lots of love Karin

Lisa said...

How about something positive?

Mom said...

Personally, I think your butt is just about the right size.
They will all bridge.

greeny said...

When you said you wanted to get your girls bridged, I thought that was new lingo for getting your boobs done!