Monday, May 14, 2007

How was your Mother's day? I'm kinda mad. No one in my family wished me "Happy Mother's Day" until 3:25 pm. And then Fern only did it when she heard her friend's mom say it to me. I came down with a cold over the weekend and wasn't feeling too swift yesterday, anyway.

On the other hand, Friday, my son brought home a pot of dirt from his after school program. They promise me there are flower seeds in the dirt. I can't wait to see what grows!


AM Kingsfield said...

I don't wait for subtle hints. On Saturday night I told them to set up the coffee so they could bring it to me in bed for Mother's Day morning.

John said...

I know this is late and I don't know you much at all but you appear to be a friend of am kingsfield and that is good enough for me so I will wish you a Happy Mothers Day.

greeny said...

Way to go AM! That makes a lot of sense.
I had nothing until about 6 pm when my son and I stopped at mcD's to pee on the way home from my parent's and he opened the car door for me to get back in the car. That was his present, he said.
My daughter had made me a card while she was at her other grandmother's house.
It was not fabulous froma gift standpoint but I felt satisfied just the same. Must be the medication.

greeny said...

Are you feeling better now? Hope so. How are those pea plants doing? And the lilac job? How did that go?