Friday, June 23, 2006

There is a certain amount of anxiety when you take a dish to a pot-luck where there will be people who don't know you well or at all. Especially when you "steal" the recipe from someone and have never actually field tested it yourself. CG's sister makes a great mango salsa dish she brings to CG's pool parties. I made it and took it to the company picnic yesterday. I made it without actual instructions, measurements or anything. I was relieved to take home an empty bowl, scraped clean. whew!




AMKingsfield said...

Sometimes the best recipes can be followed imprecisely. I know if I have to pull out a card to make something I am much last likely to make it. I can ad lib sauces, but not baking.

I love that stuff too!

greeny said...

Hey, let's have the mango salsa dish recipe, PLEASE??
I understand always wanting the dish to be devoured. I'm reluctant to take anything but my hot pepper jelly slathered over a cream cheese brick and good tortilla chips to my group functions so i always have an satisfyingly? empty dish going home. Good for the ego.

Anne said...

mangos, i used 4 or 5 little ones, peeled & chopped
can crushed pineapple, i used the juice, not syrup, kind, I drained mine
red onion, minced, small whole
half bunch coursely chopped cilantro, sans stems
dash or two of cayanne or a couple shakes of hot pepper flakes

mix and serve the corn chips.