Friday, June 16, 2006

I played the back nine at Glenn Dale Golf Club again last night, got a 65. On a couple holes I just didn't hit well, which is very irritating. It was kind of like soccer with a stick. I got tired of watching the ball skitter across the ground. The other thing that is irritating is losing three balls. I like to play with brightly colored balls so I can find them easily, but sometimes even orange balls can disappear. Like, into a pond.

On the back nine there are three holes (11, 14, & 18) that you tee off at the top of a blind hill, and, if you're a beginner, hope you can find the ball when you get down the hill since you can't see it land. One of the balls I lost was on 14. I hit off to the right, but had no luck finding it. It should have been there! Maybe it rolled under the lightning shelter...
Total for the evening: 3 lost balls, two orange, one purple, six found balls, all white. Oh well.

The upside is I played by my self and finished 9 holes in under two hours, compared with my previous round playing with others and finishing in over three hours. If I hadn't lost those balls I could have finished closer to an hour and a half..

Must practice, must play more golf.

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AMKingsfield said...

It takes a lot of balls to play golf the way you do!