Thursday, June 22, 2006

It was great to see my daughter Fern come home happy last night. She and her dad went to the Orioles game and came back jazzed. She got two autographs and almost one from Migel Tejada but it was time for him to go out on the field. They stayed for the whole game, which is an accomplishment for Fern because of her tendancy to get bored after a couple of innings.

I spent the evening driving all over Glen Burnie. I took my son to the Costco (american cheese slices & paper towels), Walmart (a new watch for Fern and bubble bath, forgot a hair brush, two broke this week) and to play mini golf and the place by the airport. I had him write the scores down on the card. It was good practice for him to write smaller given the size of the boxes. The evening was beautiful, complete with a constant flow of landing jets close enough to read "Air Tran," "Southwest," and "America West" as they decended for landing. He's come a long way with loud noises, he didn't cover his ears once.

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AMKingsfield said...

You are great about not limiting your children by gender roles or intelligence levels. They are both great because you give them space to be themselves.