Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I got to play golf three times in three days. And it's been hot! I must be nuts. I'm still at the point in my game where I'd prefer to play 9 instead of 18, so playing 18 on Monday in the heat of the day, walking was a killer; I felt faint much of the front nine, even though I had two or three cups of water at each cooler station. I ended up renting a cart for the back nine and felt much better. A thunderstorm cut play short so I only got 16 holes in. I extrapolated my progress and posted a 126.

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment that finished too late to go back to work, so I was able to get nine in before I had to pick up the kids. After I finished the first hole I noticed a guy playing behind me so I waited for him after I teed off on two. He could either play through, or play with me. When He approached I recognized him from another course. About a month ago my husband and I played together and we met this guy in the group behind us. It was kind of slow that day and his group would catch up with us on some of the longer holes. It turns out he is a new pro and besides being good, was very encouraging and helpful. I ended up playing pretty well, for me that is; I got a 49 (par 31). The lesson for the day was: trust what your club can do, don't force it.

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AMKingsfield said...

Maybe I should take up golf. It sounds like a great way to meet guys!