Monday, November 16, 2009

Secret Lives

Have you ever had a secret to keep?

I'm not talking about a minor one like I have a stash of Reese Cups in the back of the fridge, but a long-term secret.

But I'm not talking about a deep, dark family secret that you've had to live with for years, or even generations, either, like My great-great grand uncle was the illegitimate son of Walt Chrysler and we still get a check every month to keep quiet or something less traumatic like Grandma loved me best so I got seven and a half times the inheritance my brothers each got.

No, I'm talking about a regular secret but the outcome won't be for a while, like I just scored front-row seats for myself and a special someone to see Bon Jovi when they are on tour next spring.

When you first get a secret like this to keep, you're antsy, jittery, even jumpy, afraid you'll spill it at any second. Then, you're absolutely sure someone, will catch on to the reason you're so jumpy. You're afraid the recipient of the tickets will try to buy their own and you have to start cooking up reasons why going to see Bon Jovi is a bad idea just in case you need to use them.

After you've had the secret for a while and the coast seems clear, you get a false sense of calm. You're not jumpy anymore, you're not bursting with anticipation.

One day, the radio station will have a contest to give away tickets to the concert and you almost say out loud Oh, I don't need to call in, I already have FRONT ROW SEATS! but you catch yourself just in time and the secret is not divulged.

Life goes on for you and your secret. You even forget about it, may book something else for the same night, (or book a vacation that week), or you may even get so lax about it that the topic will come up in casual conversation and you start to say, I know, I can't wait to go but have to change your words mid-sentence.

Ever have a secret like that?

I'm just asking.


1 comment:

Mom said...

Many times. I find most of the time people have no idea that I even have a secret so it is not too hard to keep.