Friday, November 06, 2009

Bolder or Dumber?

I imagine this conversation:

"Maurice, go scout out some food for us."

"Sure, be right back. Mmmm, butter."

"Hey, Betty, Maurice never came back, can you go check on him and bring back some food for us?"

"Sure, be right back. Mmmm, butter."

"Hey Steve, wonder what happened to Maurice and Betty. Maybe they got lost in the dark. Maybe you should go and check it out while there are still lights on and they're watching TV."

"Sure, be right back. Mmmm, butter."

So that's how Steve got caught in the trap after dinner last night. Maybe Steve really had a mousy name, like Micky or Squooshie. Or he really was a "Minnie."
I didn't ask.


AM Kingsfield said...

mmmm, butter

Anonymous said...
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VE said...

I'm confused...why are they all eating cubes of butter?

Anne said...

The mice in my neighborhood like butter, so I load the trap with it, better'n cheese or peanut butter.