Thursday, June 18, 2009

Report on the New Washer

The new washer was delivered Saturday morning and the first load I ran was a load of towels. When the cycle was done, I was genuinely surprised with how "dry" the towels were when they came out. The front-load washers really do spin out a lot more water than top-load units.

The cycles on the front-load machines take a lot longer than in the top-loaders but for some reason the next several loads were taking 10 to 30 minutes longer than the initial time displayed on the front panel. These subsequent loads were also not as dry as the first one. I was confused and concerned. I had to use the 'drain and spin' feature to get the clothes dry enough to put in the dryer.

Finally, after several loads, I read the troubleshooting part of the manual and found out if the drain hose is pushed too far down the drain, it'll cause a vacuum and the washer will think it can't drain the water properly, thus not spinning fast enough. Sure enough, the installer guy installed the hose securely by pushing it down the drain much too far.

Fixed! I pulled it out a bit and every load after that has spun out sufficiently.



Mom said...

I love my new front-loading washer!

John said...

You're a regular DIY'er. You go girl!

StitchinByTheLake said...

My friend/neighbor got a new front loading washer a couple of months ago and loves it. I have a two year old top loading and I like it but didn't realize when I bought it that it didn't have a soak cycle. I can't fill it and put something in to soak. I'm glad you got your fixed so easily. blessings, marlene

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