Monday, June 01, 2009

Mobile Fraternity

I was first introduced to the mobile fraternity when I was in college. A friend of the husband-to-be of a friend drove a Saab. The weekend of the wedding I had flown in and didn't have a car so I rode with other folks in the bridal party to all the events. Whenever I rode with Brian, I noticed he'd blink his lights at other Saabs. It was just something Saab drivers did.

Years later Dan, the kids and I were vacationing in Michigan's UP. Many roads up there are two lanes and we often fell in line behind motorcycles. Mile after mile we noticed the bikers in front of us would wave at passing bikes, falling into two clubs: the two-finger down-low wave club or the open-hand mid-high-five club. However they waved at each other, they always waved.

How many blue Toyota Priuses do you see in a day or silver mini-vans? There are lots, hardly stand-outs on the roads. Now I drive a unique car, an orange Honda Fit. There are not many out there. Honda changed the color of the orange they use for Fits from a pinky-mangoey orange to a bronzey-pumpkiny orange on their '09 models, making the cars in my color a finite group. In Bowie I've only seen two other cars like mine, we're easy to spot and we wave at each other.

Last week I was driving home on Route 50 and noticed I was following me. There was another orange Fit in my mirror. It didn't have a front tag so I knew it wasn't one of my local friends (Maryland has front and back tags). I was about to exit so it easily caught up and as it passed me, I could see these folks from North Carolina were also happy to meet another driver in the club as we exchanged waves.

Saturday I went to the Arts Center to work in the ceramics studio. I pulled in to the parking lot, and what to my wandering eyes should appear: another member of the club! Turns out, my fellow club member was also in the ceramics studio and I got to meet her.

Do you belong to a club where you don't personally know the other members?



Lisa said...

"There was another orange Fit in my mirror."

We call that a glitch in the Matrix.

Mom said...

There was time long ago when we drove a 12 passenger neon orange van. It was one of a kind. I never saw another one. Silver Hondas like the one I drive now are everywhere I look.

John said...

I belong to the "Devastatingly Handsome" Fraternity. There are not as many of us as you would think, and we are easy to spot, but we don't wave at each other. That just would not be suave.

Maddy said...

Ooo my! No I have a very dull sludge coloured Honda mini van. They're zillions of them everywhere. When we bought it I wanted a red one, that's all, just red, only so I could find it again in the car park = no luck, sludge or nothing.

Glad to hear you're signing up again for classes. Let me know when you post your photos although I'm off to England on the 11th without any internet access as we're visiting the Stoneage period.

Carmi said...

For years, I've been looking for other males driving rosey pink masculine-framed bicycles, but it looks like I'm in a club of one.

It's a wonderful components and totally a guy's bike. Except for the color. And so I wave to myself :)

Thankfully, London's cycling community is friendly indeed. We wave regardless of what folks are riding.

Great vignette. I'm sorry Honda went coppery. I loved the shade as it was.