Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vanishing Act - Parts 2 & 3

Part 2

While we were in Manhattan on Wednesday on our way from the bus stop, sans phone, to Arrojo Studios, Fern and I stop in a shop and she tries on clothes. She ended up buying this adorable high-waisted black skirt. Very hip.

At the end of day we're back in the apartment. We have a dilema. I need to be back in Washington at 11:00 on Thursday for a meeting which was already postponed twice for me, I'm so important, Dahling.... We need to watch Lost. We need to drive 4 hours. And we need to get some sleep.

The plan, albeit not a good one, becomes return to the apartment, take a nap, eat dinner, watch Lost, leave Brooklyn, drive home, sleep till 10:00, get up and go to work. Fern didn't have to do that last bit, just me.

The nap was cut short by a quick dinner delivery guy, but we were diligent about cleaning up during commercials and were ready to go.

I'm blaming this next part on the fact I didn't have an adequate copilot/navigator. Somehow, after crossing the Outer Bridge Crossing I ended up on the way to Atlantic City instead of Washington. I saw the signs for the Turnpike, I just ended up on the Parkway instead. And, I was in the express lanes so I couldn't correct my mistake quickly. It wouldn't have been a problem at all had I crossed the Goethals, but nooo.

When I got off the Parkway I pulled over to check my (mostly) trusty iPhone. I plugged in 'hotel' in the map and it came up with one less than a half mile down the street. And they had a non-smoking room available, for a whopping $68. They even had quilts on the beds. :) The alarm was set for 5:30 and we were out of there before 6.

When we got home Fern cleaned out the car and I took a shower before heading off to work. She couldn't find her new high-waisted skirt which she had been wearing the night before. I'm usually the last one out of a hotel room so I can look for hidden belongings, but not this time.

I called the hotel to no avail, they didn't see it. I think they did and liked it too much. But, that's just me.

Part 3

BG&E wants to take down all our trees along our back property line that borders the state highway. They are too tall and can cause too much trouble for the power lines. They will give us $100 voucher for each tree they remove so we can have shorter trees put in. Somehow I don't think that'll be the same as the 60' shady Cypress trees they'll be replacing.



just me said...

you know what's the worst thing about the tree removal? those large trees block at least some of the vehicle noise. even if you replant it won't have the same effect for a LONG time. you just have to do the best you can with the cash they give you. (btw, are they taking EVERY tree down? yuk.)

too bad about the skirt...

Anne said...

yes, 10 trees. Hopefully we can get some dense fast-growing replacements for the $1000 they say we'll be eligible for.

just me said...

I hope so - those cars can be awfully noisy... and my yard doesn't even back onto the road!

Anne said...

New windows.

They cut down on a LOT of noise. You should call soon, they are still having the 28% off sale.

Lisa said...

two comments.

1) Lost streams on so that could have let you leave earlier. They even stream in HD.

2) I always prefer the Outer Bridge Crossing as it takes you further south so in theory, that was a good plan.

VE said...

Are they kidding you? $100 per tree? I would have to think the lumber value of 60ft Cypress trees is worth WAY more than that. They're scamming you...

April, Mom to Heavenly and Earthly Angels said...

A Beautiful Family!!
Minus the treesLOL>>

just me said...

can't do the windows til we have some cash - we OWE muchas taxes :(