Thursday, April 23, 2009

Copy Cat

I stole this from Lorraine who stole it from Sling: my customized signature at the bottom of my posts.

Get yours here.

What do you think?


just me said...

I don't mean to be snippy, but what's the point? Now it would be REALLY cool if you could put your actual signature there.

Anne said...

I could digitize my signature and put it there but I have a track-ball mouse and you CANNOT sign anything with a track-ball (I tried). Maybe I'll try later when I have access to a pointer mouse.

Maureen said...

Do you really want your signature posted on the internet, maybe I'm just being paranoid but it sounds scary to me.

Maddy said...

Great fun! I'm going to write mine and scan it as I can't do the mouse thing either.....looks like a drunken spider.

John said...

Too Cool!

Anne said...

Maureen, stealing my blogger name signature wouldn't get you very far.

Maddy, drunken spider? Do you give them bourbon or scotch? Or do your spiders like mojitos?

John, yes it is. And of course, you can steal the idea from me.

Sling said...

Nicely understated Anne! :)
..I stole the idea from Rosemary.