Friday, August 29, 2008

School Daze

Fern came home from school on Monday depressed: her schedule was still set for the algebra rotation instead of geometry and she was bored out of her mind.

Tuesday morning I called the school and asked for her guidance counselor. I told her my concern, Fern's schedule had not yet been changed. The counselor didn't know anything about it. I explained about the high score on the HSA standardized algebra test and the principal had granted Fern permission to go on to geometry.

I was genuinely surprised when the counselor told me she would immediately pull Fern out of class and give her a new hand-written schedule. I was also surprised and irritated The counselor didn't know what was going on with the schedule and the algebra class, the principal hadn't communicated that. When Fern got home from school I verified she was switched and happier. She was.

Every day after school the neighborhood kids, Fern's friends, are convening at a neighbor's house and doing homework. And, she's coming home with it done. And now, get this, she's complaining she has so much time available in the evenings because her homework is done. Wow. She might be catching on. I hope it sticks this time. She also seems more compliant around the house. I hope that sticks too.


John said...

We'll take compliance where we can get it.

just me said...

my 6th-grader is finishing his homework quickly and accurately too - let's wait and see once the "real" courseload kicks in. I feel like the first week isn't the real deal yet - not like I'm complaining.

btw, I've noticed the communication issues in that school repeatedly.

Maddy said...

Gosh you are whizzing up that bell curve. Only wish 'homework' was just as dreamy around here.