Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beach Report

We went to Virginia Beach on Saturday and came back Monday and took the new Honda Fit. We loaded it with 4 weekend-size bags, two beach chairs, two boogie boards, beach blanket, towels, and a set of golf clubs. And it all fit below the level of the top of the back seat. It's a roomy little beast.

We took turns with the music selections, everyone got an hour of music of their choice. Fern had just received mix CDs from one of her friends so we got to listen to that; Dan put on his iPod to a pop playlist; and I put on my iPod and started with the "Red" songs and went on from there: "Red Line Train," "Red Rain," "Red, Red Wine," "Redeemed," "Rehab," etc. Kevin opted out of the opportunity to share his music and listened to his iPod with headphones.

The weather was hot on Saturday, cooler on Sunday, both great beach days. The waves seemed relatively calm, not like the knock-down drag-out waves I remembered getting battered by when I was younger.

Sunday afternoon Dan went to play golf and the kids and I hung out. Kevin and I played mini golf while Fern chilled in the room. While we were gone she called me saying she didn't feel well, like she was going to throw up. Well, she did, poor baby, six times, in fact, over the next 12 hours. We had shared a lot of food at meal times and I felt fine so I guessed she picked up a virus.

After checking on her for a while, Kevin and I went back out. We rented a two-person surrey, a leg-powered bike-car. My thighs started screaming about eight minutes in and I thought I'd never make it the whole hour. But they quit complaining and hung in there. After an hour, though, my butt was really sore. I let Kevin sit on the driver's side and steer. In the beginning I had to reach over and correct our course frequently, but by the end he had the hang of it and even turned into the right rental stand without my instruction when we were done.

Fern didn't want me to leave her alone that evening so I got to play mom for a while. I don't get to do that any more, cuddle and coddle, and general snuggling. I miss that.

Both nights we were there they did a fireworks display at 10:00 pm from a boat. Here's one of my better shots:

By Monday The Girl was better and we headed home after breakfast from The Baker's Crust. A definite must when you visit Va Beach. We ate there Sunday morning and Kevin and I went back on Monday and brought back carry-out for Dan and Fern. They make their own fresh mozzarella so I had that with tomatoes for breakfast. Absolutely fabulous. I guess it's about time I start making my own fresh mozzarella again, it is the season after all, with the fresh tomatoes available now.


iamnot said...

Poor Fern! Sick for a beach vacation!

Lorraine said...

Oh, holy cats...I was all full of tea and sympathy for the poor ill daughter and then you said fresh mozzerella and tomatoes and I was all salivating and stuff.

greeny said...

Yeah, what Lorraine said!

And I forgot you told us about making your own last year.
Im going to look up that post and that link to the cheese store you buy your ingredients from.
After all, I have 18 tomato plants....

Firefly Nights said...

I looked up the Baker's Crust and see there's one in the Short Pump area outside Richmond. Will have to try it the next time my friend and I go to our knitting guild if we don't eat with a group that's headed someplace else.

Anne said...

I remember when Short Pump just had a gas station.