Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Back (again!)

I'm sitting here pool-side and my laptop is picking up a wifi connection from somewhere. I brought the laptop and my camera to upload the new pictures I took over the weekend, but since I can connect, I'm blogging too.

Kevin at the pool.

We got back from Chincoteague this afternoon. We left home with two adults, two kids, two bags of golf clubs, two boogie boards, two beach chairs, a beach bag, a cooler and four suitcases packed into the Fit. We came back with one less beach chair, suitcase and child and a lot more room and less whining.

This weekend was Dan's family get-together; nineteen of us invaded Chincoteague, only two of his siblings and families couldn't make it. I love getting together with Dan's family, it's so different from mine: he had seven siblings, I have two, for starters.

Saturday seven of us golfed. I had my good moments but never had two really good shots in a row. I shot a 121. Yes, for 18 holes.

Saturday evening our four went to the island's only theater and saw Mamma Mia. I'd seen it with Kevin already but Dan and Fern hadn't yet. I enjoyed it again and even teared up again during the scene when Donna helps Sophia get ready for the wedding.

Sunday we spent a lot of time at the beach. Kevin, my Mr. sunshine Boy, even got some pink on his back.

Kevin in the surf.

Hamming it up for the camera.

After the beach, I took Kevin and Rose, Kevin and Fern's cousin, to play mini golf. (Fern doesn't do mini golf.) Rose started out with a string a 6's and 7's but I straitened her address out and she did much better, she even got a hole-in-one!

Sunday after dinner Rick, one of Dan's brothers, Fern, Rose, Kevin and I went back to the beach and flew kites. Rick likes stunt kites and I have a parafoil to fly. The girls got the hang of the stunt kite rather quickly so I took a shot at flying it, too. It was harder than I thought it might be, especially since the girls got it going. Rick told me to stand still and keep my movements small, but I felt like I had to keep a strong control of the lines or else it would crash. And it did.

Kevin flys my kite.

Rose after crash-landing a stunt kite.

Sunset over the sound.

This morning Dan distracted Kevin with a trip to the pool while I packed the car. He hates it when we have to leave a hotel and will help us unpack if given the chance. I'd taken everything out of the back of the car to reorganize it all when I thought he wasn't around, and he put it all back in, sand and all when I went into the room go get the next load.

Fern went home with Rose and her family and will stay in Richmond for the rest of the week. My sister-in-law said she would take the girls back-to-school shopping, I just hope Fern behaves better for Jo than she does for me.


Maddy said...

In my limited experience they always behave better for anyone other than their own parents.

Fabulous photos. I love mini golf [but not big golf as that's for grown ups]

Mom said...

Beach and family make for a good vacation.

AM Kingsfield said...

Gorgeous sunsets!
I love kite flying, which is always best at the beach.

I think 121 is a wonderful score. I'd be delighted!

Carmi said...

I love how you've captured the essence of life on the beach and by the water.

I never thought I'd meet anyone who didn't like mini golf? What's not to like? Well, except for the sometimes-scary sculptures in the middle of the green and the funky smell of some of the older "greens". But aside from that, fore!

May you always find a spare WiFi connection to share great stuff like this, Anne. I'm soliciting you for wardriving advice the next time I need a signal.