Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Last night at my quilt bee I finished the "triangle quilt." The red one I'd been working on with 594 triangles. Well, I finished sewing all the triangles together into a top last night. I still need to decide upon and sew on borders, but I'm making progress. I know the picture shows it still in pieces, but I don't have one of it sewn together yet.

This morning I took the license plates of the dead and now donated van back to the MVA. When I walked in I thought I'd be there for ever because of the large crowd around the vehicle services kiosk. But the sign above the kiosk didn't list tag return as one of the services. Hmm. I scan the room and see a sign hanging from the ceiling way back in the corner for tag return. And no one is in line. It took about four minutes and I'll be getting a refund of $64 in the mail in a couple weeks for the remainder of the registration paid. No claim to file, it's automatic.

I called the insurance company and canceled the coverage on the van. I'm on a roll.

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