Thursday, July 24, 2008

Following Up on Stuff

Last month I complained to the Toyota dealership about the service on the corolla when they charged me towing saying the new issue wasn't related to the old repair and I said it was related and I got a check for the towing back in the mail.

Yesterday I spoke with both the service manager and my "service adviser" at the Honda dealership about the lousy service getting the floor mat clips installed. I was offered compensation for the trouble, how about a tank of gas and while that's a nice offer and I'd be happy with that, I shot for the moon: I asked for a cargo cover for the back of the car. We'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, the new guy, BJ, started in my office on Tuesday. He's my new direct supervisor, taking the spot I thought I wanted or should have. To be honest, I am happy being a worker-bee without the need to deal with the management aspects of a job. What I really want is more money, but that's not going to happen unless us Feds get good COLAs. BJ moved in to the cubicle across the aisle from me so I have a neighbor too, not just a boss. My old boss, Joe, sat elsewhere so I'm having to get used to a neighbor and a boss at the same time. So far so good.

Last night at my quilt guild meeting I laid out my triangle quilt and borders to get some opinions/feedback/assurance from my friends. I got lots of compliments, that felt nice, and some validation on my border choices. Yay.


Lorraine said...

Alrighty, that's a bit of justice right there.

I do hope you and the new boss have a good working relationship because it would stink to be right next door to him if you didn't.

Which is likely the most obvious statement ever made in the history of blog comments but I have a headache.

Lorraine said...

Also, I'm the first one to comment. I believe that entitles me to pie.

Anne said...

Rainy, sorry about your headache, would pie help?