Saturday, March 24, 2007

The parking has become tight in the back of the school where Kevin has his Saturday morning program for special needs kids. It's held at a regional special school where non-diploma track 5-21 year old kids go. Parking is tight because there are four temporary classroom buildings out back now. For the longest time I really didn't think about it much.

Then it hit me this morning. There are more special needs kids in this region than there used to be, needing more classroom space, more services. I don't often worry about the future for Kevin: will he ever drive, hold a job, or live away from us. I don't worry a lot of the time because the future too far away and worrying isn't productive. I usually believe things will work out when they need to.

But the future is too close if there are an increasing number of special needs people who will need services, and jobs, and group housing. I can try to get Kevin ready for the future with as much education and skills training as he can get. Will the future be ready for Kevin?

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