Sunday, March 25, 2007

My head hurts. Fern and Polly have gone to fetch me a coke from McD's. Wave a $5 bill in front of them and they'll do almost anything. When they get back I'll take some ibuprofen and sudafed with my coke, hopefully the headache will clear.

I've been doing my taxes. Hence the headache. I'm on Schedule A where I have to figure out how much of my itemized deductions I can really take. Up to now I've been flying along without a calculator, good ol' noggin power. But I need it to do percents and I just don't want to mess with it on paper. I can, but not with this pain between my eyes. I don't know where a calculator is except the one in my cell phone and that's out in the car. So I'm blogging instead.

I miss my husband. He's been in San Antonio for the NCAA basketball tournament. Kids have been great. The house has been relatively quiet, haven't had the TV on much. Ought to start thinking about dinner. Dan gets home late tonight and tomorrow night I'm taking CG out in honor of her birthday to an Indigo Girls Concert in Baltimore. So maybe I'll get to talk with him on Tuesday.

Are those girls back yet?


AM Kingsfield said...

woo hoo! I can't wait!
Sorry about the headache though - and the missing someone.

Bowznstuff said...

Hi Anne, I just found your blog via Simone's. I'll have a good read through this evening :) Sorry about your headache and the taxes uggghhhh!

greeny said...

So how is your head? And just a importatly, how did the taxes come out?
You are a great friend if you give concert tickets and chauffering (ack..spelling) for b-day persents!
Hope your man gets home on time!!!!