Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My new title: Queen of the Red Tape. You've read about my ongoing saga about my overhead lights in my office. I was promised the services division would turn off my lights as soon as they got the request.Uhmm, they got it last Thursday. And the lights are still on. The last I heard was: they (services division) is still waiting to hear back from GSA (building managers).sheesh.

Yesterday I went to the MVA, (aka DMV) to get a temporary handicap parking permit. I had a note written on a prescription pad siting medical reasons. The lady at the desk sent me (hobbling on crutches, don't forget) to window number 15. You need to have a form filled out by the doctor. I have to go back to the Hospital, I can't use this note? You can ask my supervisor at window 9. Ok. Hobble, hobble. Nope, has to be that form.

Back to the hospital where they tell me they can't sign it, it has to be by my primary care physician or a specialist. Well, no, I read the form more closely, actually for a temporary permit practically any doctor can sign it. But no doctor on duty will sign it, only the doctor who saw me, and he won't be back to work until Wednesday night. sheesh.

Meanwhile I'm parking in the next county at work, because, if you remember, the parking garage is closed because of the broken support beam.

The bum ankle.

I got out the tape measure this morning and the results are in: Kev came in at 66 inches (168cm) and Fern at 58.75 inches (149cm) tall. That up an inch and a half since January. Poor Kev's pants (size 14) are now 4" (10cm) too short. The size 16's are borderline short. Which means size 18's are next. Except he is a size 12 around his waist. He'd never keep them up.


just me said...

isn't red tape a lovely thing? i hadn't heard about your ankle - let me know if you need anything.

Mom said...

The government always requires the right form with all the spaces filled in correctly. With the right forms it is easy, without the right form it is impossible.
I'm still taller than Fern, but not for long.

AMKingsfield said...

Aacckk - Kevin's taller than I am!

Wow, that ankle looks bad enough to warrant a parking pass without any red tape.

YoLinna said...

I wonder if all the walking you had to do to be able to not walk so far was more than the walking you won't have to do if they ever give you what you need?

Do you think DMV is run by Dr. Seuss?