Saturday, November 18, 2006

Do you want the good news first or the bad?

The good news is I had a nice birthday on Thursday. CG and my husband conspired about tickets to Movin' Out. He got a pair for Fern and me and CG bought a pair for her daughter and her. The four of us should have a great time. I also got earrings (two pair), mall a gift card, books (all three of a trilogy) and rachet wrenches. Nice haul. Dinner was great, crab legs, yum. Pleasant evening.

The bad news is Petey died last night. Fern's first parakeet. We're not sure what he died of, but the pet shop owner said he had some kind of face mite. I don't if there were other factors or not. He was strong until the end flying around like crazy until yesterday. Rest in peace, Pete.

1 comment:

AMKingsfield said...

Will there be a re-Pete?
(sorry. couldn't resist.)
What a great picture.
Can you imagine dying of face mites? Who among us would have survived adolescence?

My condolences to Fern. I will express them to her with greater delicacy.