Monday, November 06, 2006

Dastardly halloween candy.


I tried to get the gym here at work to start the "Maintain - Not Gain" program before Halloween, but "studies have shown if the program lasts too long it will lose participation." I told them that might be true, but people also need help with candy season. I don't over eat at Christmas and New Year's, just Halloween. I can pass on extra stuffing and pumpkin pie. I can pass on warm rolls and melting butter. I can pass on gravy made from scratch from turkey drippings. I have a hard time passing by an Almond Joy or Butterfinger.

Now I'm hungry.


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greeny said...

Amen to the candy bars, sister! I have an equally hard time passing on the meal items you mentioned so it a gauntlet I run between Halloween and New Years.
As you know, my decision was to just buy bigger pants....