Friday, September 01, 2006

The mice are back. Well, a mouse for sure, probably more. The mice in my neighborhood like butter. I don't like cold butter so I leave it on the counter. Yesterday morning there were teeth marks on one end of the stick so last night I set out a trap, with butter in it, not peanut butter or cheese. My husband found it full this morning and disposed the carcass for me. (He's such a good guy.) I found the coolest traps, if mouse traps can be cool. They are reusable and look and act like large, wide clothes pins. Pinch to open, load the bait, and wait. The unsuspecting critter triggers the spring and wham! Then you just pinch it open to release the varmint into the trash or disposal, depending on your level of cruelty, and set it back into place.

And on a less gruesome note, we're off to the beach for the weekend. All the weather reports indicate rain today and early tomorrow, and sunny Sunday and Monday. Yay! My parents will be joining us on the morrow, so it should be a nice time for everyone.

What are your plans?


Lisa said...

If you want to keep butter out on the counter (I do, too) try a butter bell. These are the containers that invert into water to seal out nasties.

AMKingsfield said...


I put my moustraps in shoe boxes and throw the whole thing out when I catch something, since I have no husband to pawn if off on.

I'll have to try butter though. Last time I didn't catch anything with PB.