Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm getting a massage today! And boy, do I need it. I like to have a massage every two weeks, but I missed having one two weeks ago, so I'm especially knotted up this week. I really notice a difference if I miss a session.

Today is also house cleaning day. I get so frustrated about the state of my house. No one can put anything in the dishwasher unless I remind them. No one else helps with the laundry, so If I'm not in the mood to do it, it doesn't get done. I have a new housekeeper who comes on Wednesdays. I still have to pick up stuff before she can come in. She says I don't have to, but I do. My autistic son won't let me clean up his letters, so I have to wait until he's on the bus. He has piles of them everywhere. and piles of k'nex. and legos. Anyone have any clues about how to get him to only play with one messy toy at a time?

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AMKingsfield said...

I can't help you on the housekeeping advice, but your advice on the massage was terrific. I just got back from your girl and she was great. I feel marvelous. I'll have to go again.