Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It's been a long time since I've posted. It's really hard to come up with things worthy of writing about. I have to get over it and just write about what's happening, good, bad, or boring.

Like my golf. I'm just learning. I took lessons last fall for the first time, then completed another set of lessons last week. I took them from Troy Beck at Glenn Dale. She's a great instructor. While I learned a lot, I'm still having trouble remembering all the steps to a good swing when it comes time to tee off. Then a lot of my fairway shots don't get airbound, they just scuttle along the ground.

The practice range provides a lot of hope, but if you get an unfavorable lie in the rough, it's like the practice is all for naught.

The good thing is I didn't get in the sand at all last night! I played with a couple of classmates in the beginner's league. The bad thing is my 9 hole score wouldn't make the cut if I'd been playing 18......

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AMKingsfield said...

Well you've gotta start somewhere. I'm sure the greats all started with the same problems. The important thing is to enjoy it - especially on beautiful days like we've been having. And if it's something you can enjoy with your husband too - all the better.

Been chased by any Darth Ducks during a tropical rainstorm on a golf course lately?