Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My 13 year old autistic son stayed home from school sick today. He got up when he heard the garage door close (his room is above) and came downstairs. I was in the sewing room hand piecing a LeMoyne star for a block exchange. I think the best way to get those eight points to meet nicely is to hand piece. I'm never so accurate with the machine, just faster. He announced to me, "See the winter. See the winter, it's snowing. It's snowing." I about cried. Spontaneous appropriate speech! Much better than "I igloo, J jet, X x-ray, Y yesterday" all the time.

I got most of the block done, before I came in to work. I'm splitting the day with my husband. I'll finish the rest of it tonight at quilt guild meeting. My next block for the exchange calls for a star, so I may cut out another LeMoyne star to take with me.


AMKingsfield said...

Your son's autism allows him to only express pure emotions - pure frustration, pure curiosity, and pure joy. It's nice he gave you the gift of joy that morning. He knows joy because of his loving family who aloows him to be himself.

AMKingsfield said...

Hey Anne! Over here! Don't forget to post some more. I was reading this and I keep coming back and you haven't written more. You got me started. Catch up!