Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back to School Night

Met all of Fern's teachers, most of them are decent. None will accept late work. She will have three HSAs in the spring and possibly one AP exam in Spanish. Her Spanish class is a combo 4/5AP class. The AP kids will get more work through out the year and will have to take the AP test. If the Spanish 4 kids want, they can take the AP test too. If they pass, they will retroactively get credit for Spanish 5/AP (which is worth more GPA points).

Dan met Kevin's new teacher. He has the same classroom aid as he did last year, which is good. She'll help the new teacher get to know the students and will provide some continuity to the kids.

I know, fun stuff here at Anne's House. Back to school night, oooh, fun. On the other hand, we're heading to the beach for the weekend, regardless of what hurricane Earl does. That, will be fun.



just me said...

I wasn't going to go - I, too, have senioritis - but had a couple of issues I wanted to discuss/get answers to... DD only has three classes this year (plus student teaching), and I was singularly unimpressed with her teachers.

Except of course, for Mr Mac (AP US Hist) - she's had him before and he is outstanding.

This was likely my last back-to-school at BHS, as I do not plan to send DS there. Not nostalgic at all :)

Anne said...

Where are you going to send D?

just me said...

not sure yet. we're looking at three different private schools at the moment... will narrow down later this fall. they all have support programs for kids like him who have issues with organizational skills, etc.