Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Weekend and More

Wow, it's Wednesday already and I haven't posted anything of substance in a while.

Hold that thought, the fire alarm is going off, need to evacuate the building.

That was fun.

Anyway, we have a new vehicle, a silver Kia Sorento. Bought it last Thursday, got it home, and not thirty minutes later Dan was on the way to Chicago for the weekend for his mother's interment. He got home at 03:00 on Sunday morning with 1500 miles on it. I guess I need to post a picture of it, huh?

Friday, Kevin went to swim team practice and I headed off to Costco with a pocket full of camera memory cards. It only took an hour to load 1900 pictures into their system and pick almost 300 to have printed on real photo paper. And then it only took an hour to actually have them printed. I was impressed with that part. I also had a DVD made of all the pictures so now I have digital copies available at work since my work computer won't read the memory cards. When was the last time you had real photo-paper prints made? Been a while, huh?

Saturday was pretty much a blur, I cleaned the kitchen and baked a rhubarb pie, but that's all I remember I got done. I hadn't baked a pie in a long time and forgot to set the timer to remind me to turn down the oven after 10 minutes. Yup, the crust was a little dark, but not too bad. Oh well.

Blogging friend Lorraine is in town this week for a conference and had time in her schedule to hang out with me on Sunday. She got to experience the new vehicle. I gave her nearly burnt pie, took her to church, then took her to Baltimore's Fell's Point. We had tapas for lunch and swapped stories of our teenage daughters who don't turn in homework. I got her back to her hotel in time for her event. Our time was much too short.

I had Kevin and Fern and her boyfriend with me to Baltimore so after we dropped Lorraine off, I took the kids to the Mall. There were lots of events going on so parking was at a premium. I found a place a couple blocks away from the National Gallery of Art, so that's were we went. Kevin had been there before and made a bee-line for the basement. We spent most of our time riding the moving walkway connecting the East Wing with the West. The other two kids were on their own to explore for a while.

I haven't been quilting in a while, and I've missed it. After I got my quilt done for the show, I've focused on getting my badge sewing done. I've had several vests to work on since before spring break and now am almost finished with my backlog. When this last vest is done, I get to go back to quilting. I still have three baby quilts to finish for the aforementioned fertile office mates.

And now, here's a picture from our spring break cruise. Now that I've got these on DVD I can post more pictures.



VE said...

You should have purchased the Lamborghini Diablo. They go from zero to a speeding ticket in 7 seconds!

Anne said...

We seriously considered the Diablo, but it didn't have an iPod jack.

just me said...

are you planning to sell the Corolla, or keep it until DD drives? I bet I could find you a buyer (not us though)

Anne said...

Hubby and I think DD will resent selling it to you and not keeping it for her, but if you have another buyer in mind, give us a call.

AM Kingsfield said...

That would be a great driver's ed car for Fern. Keep it!

Great picture!

I love the basement of the art museum - that lighted walkway? Very cool.

My son was charmed by the cool Japanese model you bought there. Thanks for thinking of him!

just me said...

I hear you... that's only one of the reasons I wouldn't buy it myself :)

My DD is eligible for her road test in July - she will prob inherit my Camry sometime before the end of the summer.

Lorraine said...

It was too short but my, was it fun!

Lorraine said...

Oh, and btw, the pie was fantastic.