Thursday, March 04, 2010

Good Luck or Bad Luck?

So, on Tuesday at lunch time, I visited Sally's blog. She had a link to another site called Inspire Me Now, a collection of links to really cool products and images. One of the links on that site crashed my browser and about a half-hour later, my computer had a virus.

This virus killed all my applications except for Firefox. I couldn't do any work except read my mail through the web portal. The guys at the help desk tried to run their virus killer to save my machine and even it was affected. The only thing left was to erase the hard drive and start all over. I gathered all my documents I wanted to save into a folder.

Wednesday, I found my work ID. It was where it was supposed to be, in the storage tray in the car, just stuffed down really far so I didn't see it the first four times I looked.

The help desk guy, a guy with some kind of sinus problems, saved my documents to the network and re-imaged my drive, or whatever the technical term is. Wednesday afternoon I had nothing. I did have my messy desk I could clean, my cell phone for a game of solitaire, but I was growing tired of that, and I had a purse I could clean out. So, I did that while Mr. Sniffy Snort brought my PC back to life.

I found an envelope of money I'd forgotten I had. Nice. I found health care receipt I could send in for about $400+ in claims for 2009 before I lose them. I also found another SD card reader. Good haul, I'd say.

I saw my massage therapist in the afternoon and relayed all the happenings. She suggested I buy a lottery ticket, so I did. Fingers crossed.

This morning, I disinfected Mr. Sniffy Snort's germs from my keyboard and mouse. My PC is almost back to life, still need to get him to install some more work applications, but he'll do that remotely.

Hopefully, I'll be back to normal soon. I'm so tired of loading and rebooting and passwords. Yuck.


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