Monday, January 04, 2010

The Year in Review

I still haven't mastered the whole idea of blogging from home, it just seems like it's part of my warm-up routine here at the office, so here is where I blog. And since I haven't been to the office in a while because of the holiday and snow days, that explains why I haven't posted since last Tuesday. Sorry.

Let's review 2009, shall we? For starters, here are the first line(s) of the first posts from each month. (Edited for clarity and brevity.) Current comments are in this color.

January 2:
Here is the first line or two from the first post of each month for 2008. It's fun to look back and see what was blog-worthy. Sound familiar? I stole this post idea from last year.

February 3:
This weekend I finished 12 scout vests. I often use a glue stick to hold the patches down while I sew them. I learned this weekend there is a window during which I need to sew after I glue, too soon and they're not stuck enough and too long and the glue is completely dry and the patches peel right up. I went through 3 glue sticks on 9 of the vests. Good thing I buy in bulk. It's good I get paid to do these vests, I'd hate it otherwise.

March 3:
I'm back to work today, which means I can blog. For some reason I just don't blog from home much. Which is where I was yesterday, home. The schools were closed because of the snow storm that went through Sunday night. See, back in March I felt the same way as I do now.

April 1:
Back on Thursday, I ordered some Smashbox goodies. The order was to be filled by the personal shopping lady at the Annapolis Norstroms. She said she'd mail out the orders on Friday and since it's a short jaunt from the big Annapple to Bowie, I thought I should get my package on Saturday, Monday at the latest, right? I ended up returning many of those items. Left to my own devices, I just didn't like them much.

May 1:
I'm sitting in a classroom in Rockville, MD class now waiting for the lecture to start. The rest of the class is finishing up an exercise my class partner and I finished yesterday. I'm so smart.

June 1:
I was first introduced to the mobile fraternity when I was in college. A friend of the husband-to-be of a friend drove a Saab. Another boring post, obviously.

July 6:
I'm back from vacation.
I'll be posting a review of our hotel soon. I came back to work to 775 unread mail messages that I'll have to work my way through. This was the vacation to Punta Cana with the hubby.

August 3:
I'm back from vacation.
I'm trying to tame the laundry beast.
659 new email messages were waiting for me at work. Another vacation? Oh, yeah, this one was to the beach with the family.

September 2:
My weekend went great until I stopped doing things on my to-do list.

October 5:
I played a lot of golf this weekend, 18 holes with Dan at Bowie CC and 18 with Mark and AM at Glen Dale. I normally don't to play so much in a month, much less a weekend. Both times I was lousy on the front nine and much better on the back: 64/51 & 63/50. or something like that. Can't wait for this winter to end, and these winds, sheesh, can't wait for golf weather.

Two posts from November 2:
I woke from a dream the other morning where Bryan Voltaggio was in my kitchen.
I found myself asking my husband to delete the mouse in the mousetrap.
In my mind, Bryan is still the better looking Voltaggio brother and was the best looking chef on the show; and, I haven't seen any mouse evidence since Georgia fixed the water damage/hole in the wall. Yay!

December 2 :
I got a replacement iPhone recently, right before the warranty expired. For some reason when I synced it back to the computer, the passwords didn't get restored. I have three email accounts that I can read on my phone. Evidently, the passwords are all different and I cannot remember one of the three. I should probably keep a list of what I've tried so I won't continue to torture myself with old guesses. This is still true. It's been a month now and I still haven't remembered my password to that third email account.

Other things in Review

I posted about 149 times, not very many, I'll have to work on posting more. I logged about 625 miles on my walkometer with an average speed of 3.9 mph. That doesn't include the miles I walked when the battery was dead. I did about thirty-thousand loads of laundry and still have thirteen-thousand unmatched socks. Ok, not really, but it seems like it.


VE said...

That is still better than a post every three days. Some bloggers post all the time and then they quit. Some bloggers only post once or twice a week.

Mom said...

It is always interesting to look back on the year just past. Is anything different this year?

greeny said...

I shudder to look back at my posts for the year. Talk about redundant whining!
I have had a lot of mental blocks and a basic withdrawn feeling too pervasive to overcome to be blogging and Ive not visited you all very regularly. Thank goodness you all haven't been snooty about it!
Have a wonderful snow week. We are having the same. No school for probably this whole week.

AM Kingsfield said...

Lexie just showed me some Smashbox lipgloss she got for Christmas from her dad's girlfriend.

I'm looking forward to golf weather too.