Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pea Diaries Days 1 & 2

Yesterday in the mail I got my box of seeds. I ordered two half-pound bags of garden pea seeds (Alderman & Eclipse), two packs of bell peppers (rainbow mix), and a pack of tomato seeds (Giant Belgium). It's the first time in years I bought tomato and pepper seeds, I usually just buy the plants at the hardware store in June. If I am successful in growing these seedlings, and you live in my town, (I'm not mailing tomato babies), I'll give you a seedling or two. Just ask. (We'll see who is reading this!)

Today I left work early for an appointment and afterward had time to pick a place in the yard for my peas. This house was a model home for the builder when the neighborhood was being built 20 years ago. It's a corner lot and the house faces the intersection (to the southwest) so the front yard is bigger than the back and has better sun, and I usually plant my veggies in in the front. Today I picked a spot of unused soil next to the garage.

Last summer —or was it two summers ago?—I taught myself how to solder copper pipe together and made copper trellises. I made them so the four units are supposed to fit together in a large X formation, but I've never ended up using them like that. Anyway, I prepared the bed for the peas, soaked one pack in warm water (the other variety wants warmer soil so I'll wait a few weeks), sprinkled them over the soil (dirt), covered them up and stuck the trellises in the ground in the middle of the bed. I'm a fan of the "wide row" method of pea growing, instead of one seed two inches apart for the 16 million feet a pound of seed will create. The vines help support themselves this way, too so you don't need to provide a lot of growing support.


Mom said...

I'll be glad to plant one of your seedlings. I am not sure I'll be able to keep it alive, but I'll try. I do love homegrown tomatoes.

AM Kingsfield said...

I'll be happy to take any surplus off your hand, but I have a black thumb.

Will the peas reach the top of that high trellis?

Anne said...

The "Tall Telephone/Alderman" variety can grow past 6 feet (2m) tall! So, yes, if they grow well, they will go to the top of the trellises.

just me said...

I would love to, but no one in my house eats peas (exc me).

I'm never brave enough to do the seed thing - I just buy the plants. I never have any luck with cucumbers - do you know why? Is it the soil in our area? Mine come out too fat and yellow.

Anne said...

Just Me: if these seedlings grow well, I'll give you a tomato plant, and if you want a pepper, too. When the peas are ripe you can come pick and eat with me. They never make it into the house, they are too good not stand there and eat.

greeny said...

Copper trellises! Wow! You ARE an expert! Go, Anne!
Keep us posted.
And have a wonderful holiday!