Sunday, April 15, 2007

The family went to OC this weekend. No, not Orange County. Ocean City, MD. We stayed at the Carousel which features an indoor ice rink. Fern loves to skate. She's been skating less than a year and a half and is already up to Freestyle 3. I'm very proud of her skills and amazed at the speed she acquired them. She enjoyed skating at the hotel, but was bothered by the other guests watching her. She was obviously the best skater there this weekend. Our room had a great view of the parking lot. And the rain. We went to OC for the weekend just to get away, even for a little at the end of spring break. We weren't there for the sun and sand so it really didn't matter about the view.

On our way there we stopped at a Sonic in Delaware for dinner. We don't have Sonics in our area of Maryland so it's a treat when we find one. I guess if we had a Sonic, then Taco Bell might be a treat. Uh, no, sorry, scratch that. Anyway, it's fun to enter another territory and get different kinds of food. A couple of summers ago we took our family vacation to Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. The hightlight was Wisconsin Dells, a beach town without the ocean. They have Culvers. Home of the butter burger. We'd never heard of Culvers, we must have eaten 4 out of 6 meals there those couple of days. Yum.

So, for the rest of you, what are the chain restaurants you like to eat at that you don't have in your home town?


AM Kingsfield said...

When I was a kid on a cross country road trip, we all got excited about Stuckey's - probably because of the gift shops and the need to get out of that station wagon.

I love Taco Bell for fast food - even if it is in my hometown.

just me said...

I remember Stuckey's too - also, en route to Fla - South of the Border... they had a ton of billboards saying "only XXX miles to South of the Border" - effective marketing, even if it is the shlock capital of North America.

Forgot today was report card day - oh goody.

Dant said...

As a kid, we loved White Castle in the Midwest. And Krystal had the same type of burgers as White Castle throughout the south. They are still around. I had my first tacos ever at Jack In the Box in the west. I have heard of Carl Jr's, but never seen one. I like Steak and Shake, although I feel compelled to overeat there. If they specialize in shakes, then I should probably get one.They're in the south and midwest.

greeny said...

We have Culver's here and OMG, the Swiss and Mushroom burger is my fav!
Stuckey's was a have-to stop on our way to Michigan each year. Remember the pecan rolls?
I can't think of any places we don't have. I need to get out more, i guess.