Friday, August 18, 2006

It was my turn to golf last night. I got nine holes in at Glenn Dale before dark, which is a lot earlier now than it was in June. When I left the kitchen was neat, when I returned there was a peach pie on the stove. And all the evidence of preparation on the counter.

I thought I'd made progress the day before during the chicken salad creation.

Spirit Air had $16 flights on sale yesterday. I could have gotten to San Juan and back for $64 +tax (one stop in Ft. Lauderdale) departing 9/19 returning 9/24. Sure, hurricane season, but golf! whoohoo! And no dishes...

The pie was very good, by the way.


Mom said...

You should check out the flylady for tips on housecleaning.

Anne said...

Thanks Mom, I already read the Flylady. I've been getting her emails for a long time. Doesn't matter how much I follow her tips, the rest of the household still won't clean up after they cook.

AMKingsfield said...

sweet trade, peach pie for a messy kitchen. No gonna help with that damn mendoza line either. It's hard to complain when someone is trying to be nice though.

San Juan for $64? I thought Spirit Air shut down. It is beautiful!
Nice picture, btw.