Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm below the Mendoza line. In baseball it's the batting average of .200 that separates the bad from adequate players.

In my life, it's my weight, the number that separated a bad weight from an adequate one. I'm "happy" if I'm below it and very frustrated and unhappy if I'm above it. I really like it if my Mendoza line was 5 pounds less, but that's hard considering I'm closer to 50 than to 40 and I've had 2 kids. The more I want to get rid of a few pounds, the more I crave things that will add a few pounds. I walk with CG (Miss Kingsfield) almost every morning, which helps a lot. I've seen her Mendoza line go down in the last year and a half by our daily morning tour of the neighborhood; mine hasn't moved.

I got on the scale yesterday and I saw Mendoza-2 after struggling for the past several months (Mendoza +1.5). This morning the same number stared back at me again. yay! I ate OK today so hopefully I'll see that number again tomorrow. Or less.

Do you have a Mendoza line?


AMKingsfield said...

Good job! I know you've been working on that. You look great above your Mendoza line too. You are your toughest critic.

greeny said...

Yey! And the Mendoza line...I understand completely! My weight can fluctuate some 3 to 5 pounds a day, depending on what I eat and drink. Salt, alcohol, and sitting too much partaking of those things have this summer have led me to tight fitting clothes, which cause me to worry. We are our own worst critic, we women.