Thursday, July 20, 2006

I keep seeing little snippets of life that are funny, but only mildly so, and therefore don't stand on their own well.

Like the guy I saw at the pool the other day with a towel wrapped around his middle. The towel was a Chutes and Ladders game board. If I were a guy I don't think Chutes and Ladders would be my first towel choice for drying off. We have that same towel, and it get put into rotation a lot when we grab a stack for the pool bag. We got a mini golf towel the same day.

Does anyone ever play the games on their towels? Even when it comes with all the game pieces? The pieces just get lost in my house and when I come across a stray foam child game piece months later, it always takes me a while to remember where it came from. Does anyone really keep track of stuff like that?


AMKingsfield said...

Maybe the guy had a strategically placed chute or ladder? It might be more interesting to play wrapped around someone.

I throw out little pieces a lot: army men, stray legos, barbie shoes, loose cards, puzzle pieces. Sometimes I try to put them away, but after a while I start pitching. Simplify!

Anonymous said...

Why would a guy not use a Chutes & Ladders towel? Don't they absorb water or something?