Monday, July 10, 2006

Friday was our 16th anniversary. My husband and I celebrated on Saturday by playing golf and having dinner. We chose the 9-hole White Course at East Potomac Park in Washington DC. We both played horribly because the course was in such bad condition. Standing water everywhere, the bunkers doubled as ponds. In dry conditions you'd expect a bounce and a nice roll, but the ground as wet as it was, the balls just stuck in the muck.

On to dinner. We ate at Zola at 8th and F street. The food was very good. And the bathroom scale is still telling me I ate too much. That the and 4 pairs of pants I tried on this morning before I found one that fit.

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AMKingsfield said...

I bet it's your detergent.

Why do we let our weight bother us so much? You are beautiful and healthy. But I know it irritates me when my pants get tight, so I feel for you.

Congratualtions on your anniversary. 16 years is impressive anymore. He's a lucky man!