Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Odd Collection

I'm tired of stink bugs. Do you have them? Ever since Christmas I've been escorting out or flushing down about four of the little buggers a day. I can't figure out how they're getting in. the windows have been closed for months now. Maybe they got in back in the summer when I had a window fan in our bedroom and have been waiting stealthily until now to come out now to drive me crazy. I escort them out my window. I've amassed quite a collection of frozen stink bugs on the window sill now.

Oh Dear. They could be in hibernation, only to come back to life in the spring bug us once again.

They scare Fern, which I find funny. It's just an ugly bug, herbivore at that, no bite, no sting. They don't even smell very much. But they are annoying.


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