Thursday, June 03, 2010

Random Stuff

Today is the graduation of the Bowie HS class of 2010. Nothing too alarming about that, except if Kevin weren't the Kevin we know and love, I'd be the mom of a diploma-carrying high school graduate right about now. As it is, he has four more years of school to the end of an attendance certificate, and hopefully enough acquired job skills to be employable.

The high school is closed today because the faculty and staff will be attending the graduation. I took the morning off to hang with Kevin and took the opportunity to get some errands done before I went to work.

I spent the morning at the Social Security office to get Kevin a replacement social security card. They were calling person 'A7' when I got there and my ticket was for A20. I thought it might take two hours but the pace picked up the last 30 minutes and got out in 1.25 hours. I had planned to stop by the MVA for a state ID for Kevin and to drop off the tags from the Corolla but ran out of time.

We donated the corolla to Melwood. It's our third vehicle to them. They provide job training and opportunities for people with disabilities. And, they are a local organization helping local people. And, we may need their services one day. Like, sending money to UVA to help a child get admitted. Guess we can stop that now since her grades are nowhere near good enough for UVA.

Melwood contracts with an auction company to pick up donated cars and sell them on their behalf. The corolla was picked up yesterday. On the way home from work yesterday, I remembered I'd left the garage opener and a visor sleeve of CDs in the car. Sheesh.

I called the company that handles the cars and told them my problem. The lady told me the holding lot closed at 4:30 and wouldn't open until 9:00 today. Anyway, turns out the lot is near work and I was able to pick up the CD sleeve this morning, and yesterday the tow driver saw the garage opener before leaving our house and left it in our front door.

Here's the 1999 corolla sitting at the auction lot with 168,100 miles, good bye!


just me said...

can't help but wonder - was your decision to donate the corolla rather than keep it for Fern related to her grades in ay way?

(I'm sorry she's not more motivated)

Anne said...

No, we got rid of the corolla because we really don't need to hang on to a car, paying for registration and insurance, for over a year until she drives. I don't know about Dan, but personally I don't believe teenagers should feel entitled to their own cars the instant they get a licence. I didn't receive a gift car until I graduated from college.

just me said...

I agree about 'the moment they get a license.' But... E will be taking her road test on July 2 - and because she is taking Child Dev 3 next year, and they're not providing transportation to student teaching assignments, she will need wheels by the time school starts. So I'll prob give her my Camry and get something newer for myself. BUT she will be contributing to car ins (if not paying the whole thing), and if we don't like her behavior, grades, etc it's something we can limit.

hoping for the best...