Saturday, October 10, 2009


The house is quiet, I haven't even turned the radio yet. The refrigerator kicks on, it seems so loud when there's nothing else. I hear the mailman's truck stopping and going outside. I've just dropped the kids off at their Saturday morning activities, Fern to skating and Kevin to Swim-n-Gym, so I'm "free" until I have to retrieve them. Dan left this morning for a conference in San Francisco for the week. I'm torn between taking it easy this morning with some quilting and trying to get some stuff done while no one is in my way.

Maybe I'll do both.



just me said...

I hope you got to do some of each - that's usually what I am for when I get a chunk of time.

just me said...

oops- that was supposed to be "aim," not "am"

Hit 40 said...

I hope you enjoyed some quiet, peaceful quilting. You can work while they are home to listen to the vacuum too!! LOL