Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What the ... ?

Winter weight.

I just heard the cringing and moaning of all the women who read me. Sorry, but I gotta unload about this.

I haven't been under my Mendoza line in ages, maybe two or three months. I'm so tired of seeing that middle number on the scale every time I get on. It haunts me, it taunts me; I hate it. Every time I get close to the line, with just one more pound or even a half-pound to go, something will interfere with my progress: a birthday, a wedding, a house warming party, Halloween, and I'll have to start over again. One day recently I saw a number on my scale I hadn't seen since I was pregnant. Seven months pregnant. So utterly depressing.

I'm trying to be more aggressive about getting in shape, getting the weight off. I enrolled again for the deep water aerobics classes and try to do the weight class at the gym at work. I'm trying to be more proactive about weight-loss than just doing the 40-minute walk in the mornings, "eating better," complaining, and crossing my fingers hoping I'll lose the weight.

This morning I was pleased to see I'm back within striking distance of my "never-ever-want-to-go-over-that-weight" line. I could be under by the weekend!

Put all that aside for a moment.

Nordstroms is having their half-yearly sale and a couple weeks ago I found myself in the lingerie department after perusing the other departments' sale racks. I was tempted by a pair of $100 dress pants that were long enough for my 34" legs on sale but passed on them because I really don't want to buy clothes until I get well under the Mendoza line. Anyway, lingerie department. There was a huge rack of bras unmentionables, designer ones, pretty $50 ones, marked down to something I could consider. I tried on several and they all seemed to fit except they were a bit tight in the band. Once again I think, all I have to do is lose a couple pounds, do a couple more lat-pulls, get rid of some back fat and these will be golden. So I bought three. They still sit in the shopping bag in my closet.

Another day, another store, and as one thing lead to another as things tend to do, I got a bra fitting. Because of the weight gain I was mentally prepared for the fitting specialist to tell me I need to go up a band size to a 36. But she didn't tell me that, she told me I needed to go up a cup size. Or two. What?! She had me try on a 34D and it fit. I was stunned and stood staring at the tag. I had to see it with my own eyes. I was wearing a 34D. Me? A D? No way. I don't look any bigger than what I've looked like forever. I'm still stunned.

So, after all these twenty-something years of being a B-cup girl, I can forgo augmentation surgery, and go from a B-cup to a D-cup by getting a $79 dollar bra!




I gotta get under the Mendoza line soon, I can't afford a new wardrobe of $79 bras and the new clothes I'd have to get with them.



Kerri said...

Be careful what you eat for Thanksgiving!! That might kill your progress this week/weekend.

just me said...

couldn't agree more. I have given up on weighing myself. I have my annual gyn exam coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm dreading getting on the scale there.

btw I HATE exercising. And I am determined not to go overboard on Thanksgiving.

AM Kingsfield said...

Hey Just Me, I know a cool group of ladies in your neighborhood who would be fun to walk with!

Unlike Anne, I just move my Mendoza line and buy new clothes. A layer of blubber will help in the winter, right?

John said...

I'm not sure that I'm even allowed to comment on this post. I'll wait for the next one.

just me said...

AM - thanks but no thanks. I prefer just walking far enough to get the morning paper.
Someday when I have more free time (like when I retire) I might resume exercising.

Anne said...

JM, isn't exercising the way you get to retirement? The way doctors talk, you can't get there without it.

just me said...

yeah, yeah, I know. but I just can't bring myself to spend my precious free time on an activity I don't enjoy.

one thing I do enjoy is the annual interfaith Thanksgiving service - next Wed (at our temple this year). Will I see you there? It's very uplifting. (You too, AM.)

LostInColor said...

what is mendoza line??? I plan on losing weight over the holidays. Thats my plan! yup yup.

Anne said...

Lost, my Mendoza line is the weight I never want to go over. It's named after the Mendoza line from baseball, the line that separates the bad players from the mediocre ones, which is named after a player named Mendoza who hovered around a .200 batting average.

Oh, just google Mendoza.

kenju said...

I think the most I ever paid for a bra was $18-20. I cannot imagine an expensive one being that much better. I need to lose weight/be more careful about what I eat too, but I am not good at depriving myself. Michele says hi.