Monday, October 02, 2006

I haven't posted in ages. Two weeks ago I took my last project management class. I've taken a series of seven classes through work about project management and I'll be receiving my master's certificate next summer. (There is only one graduation ceremony a year for all graduates at work)

I had to write a paper about my experience in PM for this last class. I was nervous about it since I'm not a PM now and have had no experience doing any of the things we've been learning about. The paper was due on Thursday, so on Wednesday afternoon I finally figured out my topic: quilting! I wrote about how a quilting project can be like work project. I even had footnotes! The instructor enjoyed it, wrote "good paper!" on it, probably because it was about quilting and not like the hundreds of other work-related papers he reads.

Have you seen those new milk cartons? They don't pour as well as the traditional jugs. They are like a tall square block. I'll post a picture when I have control over the computer and can download one.

I'm way over my Mendoza line. Have been for weeks. Too much pizza and chestnuts, I guess. I hate it up here. The only thing that fits is jeans and I don't want to wear them to work every day, although they are comfy.


AMKingsfield said...

Happy I could "help" you with the paper.
Since misery loves company, I was over my Mendoza line this morning too. Must've been last night's "Happy Hour."

greeny said...

I can attest to my being over my Mendoza line since practically all my pants are hanging in the yardsale today!
It's hibernation time.

greeny said...

And perhaps the instructor wrote "good paper" on it because it really was a good paper! Keep up the good work and Happy Friday!